Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crappy (Happy) Mom.

It is a amazing how a picture is worth a thousand word.  In this case how about a thousand insults.  This picture below (from Granola Baby) was posted by another blogger, and then her Facebook page was hit with pure hatred. I know hate is a strong word but the words and emotions that was flying around was just disturbing.  Wishing that people would put that much time and energy into something better than attacking a fellow mom. 

mom wars

Now other blogger mommies have hit the internet with reasons they are crappy moms.  Me I had to join in.  Who can type sarcasm better than me?

How I am a Crappy (Happy) Mom

I am such a crappy mom I started posting this blog while my kids are at the park.
I'm so crappy I let my son play on the big slide and he's only 21 months old.

I'm so crappy I let my daughter spin herself till she gets sick.
I'm so crappy my kids play in the dirt and rocks at the park.
I'm so crappy that sometimes I sit down at a bench eat my lunch while they play.
I'm so crappy I left my Aspergers son at school without me so he can have football practice by himself and I took the other kids to the park.
I am so crappy I wear my son....STILL.  
I'm so crappy for having 5 kids.
I'm so crappy that I let my 14 year old babysit sometimes.
I'm so crappy I still breastfeed my 21 month old son.
I'm so crappy cuz I made informed decisions to get all 3 of my son circumcised, and I'm a nurse that would be in there for the procedure.
I'm so crappy I put in a movie so the kids will watch TV so I can get some work done.
I'm so crappy I make my kids be nice and show respect to people that they don't agree with.
I'm so crappy my kids, almost every weekend, have movie night and fall asleep in the living room.
I'm so crappy because I yell after asking them to do something for the umpteenth time.
I'm so crappy when I let my four year old dress in her own way and then go out in public with her.
 I'm so crappy because I gave my son (11 at the time) a cell phone. 
I'm so crappy because I let my oldest daughter do a beauty pageant. 
I'm so crappy that while typing this my kids are reading over my shoulder telling me how I am crappy.  :)

I guess I am so crappy that I need to be arrested like this woman.

 Tammy Cooper Texas Mom Arrested

I may be crappy but I am a happy mom with happy kids.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teacher Gifts

Well it is the first official school night and I am still up.  The kids have all been in bed for a few hours now.

So this is what I did.

Used my Silhouette CAMEO to cut out some outdoor vinyl. The little hands on the one bottle just seems so cute.  To me the ribbon adds just that little something extra.

I got the idea when my friend Emily had me cut out vinyl for her teachers gift below.
Now she went all out with this really cute bucket.  The letters on the bucket is silver etching vinyl.  I really like the look that it gave.  Then it was just outdoor vinyl for the  hand sanitizer bottle. 

I really hope the teachers enjoy their little personalized gifts.  It was really cheap to do and adds a little character to their room.  Hopefully I can get an action shot to add later.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Testimony

I know I am really putting myself out there by posting this, but isn't that what it is all about?  So here we go.  At church our Pastor read from 1 Samuel Chapter 3.  It talks about how the Lord called out to Samuel 4 times before he listened.  He had to be told by Eli that the Lord was calling him.  Samuel then layed down and called out that he was listening.

While listing to the story I started thinking about the time that Lord started calling me. I was in HS and it was the summer of my Junior year and I was at a friends house and I started crying because I didn't know the Lord.  My friends mom asked me if I wanted to, I said yes, she said you know what that means?  I said no.  She then started telling me and I freaked out.  I was thinking I am not giving up on having fun, I can not be that good.  So I turned my back.

Then that same summer the youth minister at the church left.  The church then got divided on who to hire.  There was so much judging on how people talked or dressed.  Picked apart the message and twisted it into meanings that would make your head spin. That was if for me.  I didn't need to be part of that.  If that what being a Christin was about I didn't want it.  I could still be a caring person with out them.

During the second the semester of my Junior year I met Justin. He was (still is) a great guy. We talked about church,  I even ditched a Sunday evening service to hang with him. My church visits where sporadic at best  We then started dating.  During that time I met some of his friends, One was named Josh. One day Josh and Justin came to my house, Josh had his bible in his hand and decided to talk to about Jesus. The three of us talked for hours about my life.  Talk about other people in my life. I said that I agree but no thanks.  Still could not give up on things.  The same time HS was pure torcher and many of the bullies went to church.  They would be nice then turn on me the minute we walked out the doors.  It was so confusing. 

During  my senior year I got pregnant.  I later had a 2nd trimester miscarriage (my parents didn't even know that I was pregnant until the miscarriage).  It was later learned that I had lost twins. Did I know that premarital sex was wrong, yes.  Did I care, not really.  After this my heart was dark,  I think I hid it pretty well.  Justin saw my self destruction and again him and Josh tried to bring me to the Lord.

Graduation came and went.  I was now on my own and off as far as I could from Limestone county but within a safe distance to my family.  Guess I was not far enough because many people from hell that had shown up there.  I joined a Christian Sorority, can not tell you why, but it was where I fell lead to go.  All I did was just beat myself up when there. (I do need to add that my Big Sis Nichole never left me.  She saw my struggles and was encouraging.  To this day she is a great friend that leads to me following the right path.  She is the only one from the sorority that didn't turn on me when I left)  I didn't feel like I was good enough even for them.  Justin had also gone to SFA. During this time he had many demons he had to learn to deal with.

Not going into many details (because this could really be a book). I would say that SFA was a downward spiral for both of us.  I can not say who was worse because it was two totally different situations. We got engaged, I got pregnant again, called of engagement.  I went to my parents to get prenatal care and let Justin do his thing.  I was ready to be a young mom at 19, alone.  It was what I deserved.  I was nothing better than that.  My family was loving and think that the self destruction would have been worse if they didn't show me the love that they did.  I thank them for that.

In August Justin and I got married. About two weeks later on Sept. 7th (on labor day no doubt) my first son was born.  We got lucky, because he was the best baby anyone could ask for.  Justin and I struggled as young parents over the next couple of years bringing in another son exactly two years later on Sept. 5th.  We still struggled with our demons.  I continued to fell like I was going to be nothing more than a statistic.  I had no self esteem and was hating my life.

While pregnant with son number two I did mange to get a job as a CNA at Providence Hospital. I loved my job.  It was my escape.  I would work so much over time that some weeks where almost 80 hrs. That Dec. after he was born I got into the nursing program.  Something started feeling right for me at this point.  Between work and school I was hardly home.  Some days were 36 hrs long going from school, to working a 12hr night shift, taking a shower at work, and going right back to school.  Yep I managed to study at some point.  Things with Justin didn't get better. The fighting, yelling, and behavior such as gambling and drinking.

Nursing graduation came and went.  At this point I was plotting leaving my husband.  A co-worker Amy offered me to stay in a small shack on her and her parents land.  Boxes started to fill our trailer and he didn't even notice.  JT was going to a Christian Pre-K by this time, at same church that my nursing ceremony had been held no doubt. I then got into the MOPS group, at the same church.  But my heart really started to feel heavy.  I had opted to get a duplex and leave my husband.  Deposit had been paid and first two months rent.  Then I went home to tell him things had to change and he had until October. I had started not working as much but was spending more time at the church.  It was my escape, my get out of the house and not be near him. My husband wanted to know were I was going so he started to follow me. Then things started to change.  He got a job and came to the duplex with me. He was attending church with us when he could. He started reading his bible and talking about Christ more.

At this same time things where ok at work.  I had also friended a women named Kristen.  She was very vocal about being a Christian and I had started to get comfortable.  We would spend some shifts just talking about what it was like to be a Christian and the bible.  Talked about mean people and how they needed help, guidance and prayer.  Then she asked me if I had ever been saved.  Had I asked Christ into my heart? I said no.  She talked some more, and this time I listened.  I was not scared.  I was ready to change and get rid of the weight and burden in my life.  I wanted something better.

Then it hit me.  I was ready.  So I prayed. I prayed alone. I cried. I cried alone.  Suddenly I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.  The "drama" was gone.

On July 11th, 2004 I was baptized.  Kristen even came and brought me my first Bible.

Speed up to now.  I am a mother of 5 and still the wife to Justin, almost 14 years now.  I am still not perfect, but I am ok with that. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 I know I am SO late jumping on the Thirty-One tote bandwagon.  I have seen them and loved them, but lately the itch is just getting worse.   I first want to get two of the large utility totes for my new car. Keep it clean with all those groceries that get bought for my 5 kids.  Next is going to be the thermal tote for all the grocery shopping that is done.  Last will be the house.  At this point I might just become a consultant so I can save money because that is going to be a big project. 

To start off on my new addiction, you can call it, an old friend of mine is having a contest on her blog to win a free thermal tote. Check out Stephanie at


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Being Over Connected, But Under Connected.

   The world of technology is changing everyday.  There is always something newer, faster and better.  Computers are getting smaller and faster.  Tablets are now all the rage from now taking over POS (Point of Sale) Systems, to showing presentations and being the one stop for all your home remotes.  With a phone, you can hold bank accounts, chats, quick e-mail messages in your hands.

   Is all this technology really helping us with the customers?  Sometimes we (business owners) take for granted that the customer may be as connected as we are.  If they are, I don't think they want to communicate with us in that way.

   Let me tell you about an experience that I had with a local lawn company with communication.  Now I will state that the lawn company sends out text reminders about when they come by and payment due dates.  That is totally fine with me.  I will say though that I wish the reminders didn't come at 7p-10p the night before they come out. Any notifications should be sent about 36-48 hours before for this situation.  No notifications after 5p, that just seems lazy and very unprofessional.  The last two weeks my lawn guys have shown up a day late, after the original text stating that they will be there.  After wondering why the lawn has not been done by 6p, I get a little annoyed again that they are not there.  At about 8p there is text from them stating that they had an emergency earlier in the week and they are behind and will be there tomorrow.  Fine, whatever, ok.  So they come and do my lawn in a very unprofessional way (not going to list what all went wrong).  Well my darling husband was quite upset with some issues and the fact they were late again, so he called.  He got a TEXT back saying, "Busy working.  What do you need?"  Well my first thought was listen to your message because you would know what I need.  Needless to say we are dropping them do to lack of communication.

  As a customer with them it really opened my eyes to how some businesses take for granted the technology we have at hand.  It it not there to make our business flow better and provide better customer service not lack of?  Some business now don't even list a number for you to call for customer service.  You can online chat, email, SMS and fax. So much can be lost in a text, e-mail or chat.  A customer may be upset and when reading your message take it on the defense. 

  As a business owner my number is still listed on my website, business cards, invoices and business profile on Facebook.  My customers know I care.

   If you are a consumer how do you like to communicate?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I Wear to Babywear.

Let me start out by saying that I don't make lots of money, I don't get products for free to try.  Anything that is posted on here is me "buying and trying."Or borrowing from a friend.
I was privately emailed about what carrier do I use when I wear JK or AM, I just thought I would answer that question on here.  (I also want to say how cool and fancy I felt getting an email from a totally random person about this,  THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME!!)
  I like to use my Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier.  For those of you not familiar with carriers Mei Tai is a Asian style carrier.
  Don't roll your eyes.  I know that Infantino has had lots of problems with some of the carriers that they provide.  This is carrier is a step in the right direction.  It allows baby's hips and legs to be in the correct sitting position when being worn. 
 Here are a few action shots of me, my husband and my son wearing my littlest one.

   As you can see I am a fluffy woman and I need a carrier that is going fit all the way around me and this one does.  For a smaller women the ties might be a little long and confusing.  It did take me a while to get where the carrier tight and high enough.  As you can see in the picture of me he is a little lower than I would like. As with any carrier this could just be a practice thing.  The shoulders are padded and they could use a little bit more, but they do not dig into me.  The fabric is slightly slippery so it does slip off, but I have learned some other ways to tie it with my local babywearing group's help.  For the price of $35 it has been very good to me.  The stitching is still strong and there is not much wearing down of the fabric.  JK is currently 28lbs and my AM is 36lbs.(right at the end of the weight limit)  I do not have any pressure soreness or backaches after wearing them for a couple of hours using this carrier.
I personally do not promote facing baby out when carrying them.  There have been many studies on this, so please do your research.
  So there you have it this is the main carrier that I use.  I do use other but those are for another posting.
  I also encourage you to join or visit your local babywearing group. They can help you find a carrier that is right for you.  BUT PLEASE find a group that is open to all types of carriers and not just one specific.  They should be supportive of all types of babywearing.
Hope this helps you.
Chaun V.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Shirts for the Ranger Game

Now that I have this awesome Silhouette CAMEO I have been a machine making shirts and such.  Well we will be going to a Ranger game and I wanted to make shirts that fit each of our personality.  I even made one for my Aspie son who loves Star Wars.  So I made him the Yu's The Force shirt.  GET IT?!  I was pretty smug with myself on that one.
This year is also the Rangers 40th anniversary so I made my teenaged son the throw back shirt (grey shirt, tip right).  That is also why two of the shirts have 1972 added.

The shirt on the top right and middle right were made using printable vinyl.  As you can see with the blue shirt I was not sure about how to cut it so it looks funky.  The gray one was printed thru the Silhouette CAMEO then cute using the CAMEO. It was my first time to use the print and cut feature. On the other shirts I just used the Siser Easyweed
Heat Transfer vinyl.  

I can say we looked pretty awesome in our shirts.
I updated the above pic with my son wearing the shirt at the game.  The most complements I got where on the top two and the babies shirt.